Our Investment Plans

We are excited to present you with a unique opportunity to invest in TAIM AFRICA, a dynamic and rapidly growing organization dedicated to advancing the film industry and supporting creative talent across Africa.



We are a membership-based organization with close to 7,000 members, all of whom are film practitioners. Our mission is to empower filmmakers through funding, training, and distribution opportunities, thereby fostering a vibrant film industry on the continent. Our members pay an annual membership fee, and we run various projects in collaboration with them, generating multiple streams of revenue.

Investment Opportunities and Financial Returns

We offer a structured investment program that guarantees financial returns, with additional social and creative benefits as a bonus. Here’s how it works:

Investment Model

1.       Investment Points: Each investment point costs $3 and represents a share in TAIM AFRICA.

2.       Financial Returns: Investors are entitled to 60% of the profits made by TAIM AFRICA, distributed proportionately based on the number of investment points owned. Profit distributions occur every month of June and December (6 months range), and are reflected in your investor account on our website dashboard.

3.       Initial Application Fee: To begin the investment process, an initial application fee of $4 is required to show your interest in investing with us [START INVESTING ($4)].

How We Generate Revenue

TAIM AFRICA generates revenue through various channels:

1.       Annual Membership Fees: Collected from our members.

2.       Project Funding Loans: Provided to members for their film projects, with interest.

3.       Film Distribution: Revenue from distributing member films to cinemas and streaming platforms.

4.       Workshops and Training Programs: Fees from educational programs and training sessions.

5.       Film Festivals: Revenue from organizing and hosting film festivals.

6.       Merchandise Sales: Selling branded merchandise and film-related products.

7.       Sponsorships and Grants: Obtaining funding from sponsors and grant providers.

8.       Online Courses: Fees from online courses and webinars.

9.       Event Ticket Sales: Income from tickets sold for events and screenings.

10.   Consultation Services: Providing consultancy services to aspiring filmmakers and industry professionals.

Investment Process

1.       Apply for an Investment Account:

·         Initial Application Fee: Pay $4 to show your interest in investing with us [START INVESTING ($4)].

·         Application Form: Fill out the partnership form to create your investment account.

2.       Partnership Agreement:

·         Agreement Provision: We will share our investment partnership agreement with you via info@taimafricaarts.org.

·         Agreement Signing: Download, print, sign, and send the agreement back to us as a symbol of your willingness and consent to our investment terms.

3.       Verification and Onboarding:

·         Online Meeting: Our representative will contact you for an online meeting to know you better. This meeting will be recorded for quality monitoring purposes.

·         Verification: After the meeting, we will verify your partnership with us.

4.       Investment Deposit:

·         Deposit Details: Upon successful verification, you will receive details on how to deposit your investment capital.

·         Account Upgrade: We will create for you an upgraded user account on our platform with exclusive investor permissions.

Why Invest in TAIM AFRICA?

·         Financial Returns: Enjoy substantial financial returns from a thriving creative industry.

·         Social Impact: Contribute to the development of Africa's film industry, supporting thousands of filmmakers.

·         Transparency and Professionalism: We ensure full transparency in all our dealings, with detailed reports and regular updates on your investments.

Next Steps

If you are interested in proceeding with this investment opportunity, please follow the application process outlined above. We are eager to partner with you and achieve great milestones together.

Should you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on info@taimafricaarts.org